Prepare Your Community for Water Emergencies

Flooding and erosion are complex problems. Solve them with our simple solution.

Faster Disaster Response


Fill 100 Sandbags in 45 Minutes

The Traditional Way of Filling Sandbags is Archaic,
Demoralizing, and Inefficient:

When water threatens what you protect, there is no time to waste.

You can't be an effective public official using improper tools and techniques.

There's no reason to let erosion threaten property and lives.

Reacting to a water emergency can be overwhelming but our simple tool helps you to succeed
1. Add Sandbags

Easily slip empty heavy-duty sandbags over properly sized filling tubes

2. Fill Tubes

Add sand with a shovel or skid loader, smooth until level with openings

3. Lift Filler

Two workers lift the Next-Level Sandback 12 Pack and create 12 sandbags, all the same weight and amount

4. Close Bags

Worker closes openings with zip ties. The entire process occurs in 4 to 5 minutes

We stand behind our product because we use it to help others just like you.
We've filled over 20,000 sandbags using the
Next-Level Sandbag 12 Pack
Order the Next-Level Sandbag 12 Pack Filler today and be ready before the water rises


Send us a purchase order for the Next-Level Sandbag 12 Pack Filler


We ship everything you need including the filler, 1,000 sandbags and zip ties


You begin easily and efficiently taking care of any erosion or flooding problem

From Our Customers
Helping People Protect Property

“The Next-Level 12 Pack Sandbag Filler was user-friendly and extremely efficient.” – Pat Elliott, DPW Superintendent Charlevoix, MI

Helping People Protect Property

We're proud to assist those preventing disasters for over two years. Next-Level Sandbag is committed to helping you fulfill your promise to protect and serve.